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 About Dirtylicious


Welcome to the Dirtylicious world! My intention with this blog is to inspire you to travel on your own. Here, you’ll see that solo venturing even as a woman doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems. On this blog, I’ll show you that to travel solo, you don’t need to break the bank, and neither you have to be a super brave woman.

I want you to see that even as a dirty backpacker, you can still be fabulous!

Aaand, my little bonus, I share with you how to do it in an eco-friendly way! I produce all of my cosmetics from simple kitchen bioproducts, sometimes adding a special ingredient from the special country that I am currently in. This is a good news for your wallet too! Usually, it is the damn cosmetics we spend most of our money for.



This blog is aimed to all those of you weird people (like me) out there,  who are not satisfied with the simple, everyday life. To those of you hoping to get a little inspiration, tips&tricks and a kick to travel solo. I am definitely not a brave superwoman at all. And I have no luck, I just have a hope. I’m more of a very clumsy, sometimes a dummie, but mostly a crybaby girl. I am scared of heights, airplanes, and all of the bugs. I am a little woman,  only 159cm tall. I can’t say no to people, either fight anybody.  Obviously, not a born adventurer, and no one to follow!  Yet, I still travel and yes, alone. So, even if you’re a girly girl, or just an ordinary person, thinking of getting a little bit of more fun&adventure into your life,  then this blog is absolutely for you! Lastly, if you’re a nature lover, who knows how important is it to take care of our planet, and you’re willing to learn how to improve it, you’re going to love my blog.  ,)

On this page you’ll find all of my crazy adventure stories, guides to the coolest places in different countries, advise how and where you could save some money. You’ll learn how to produce your own natural cosmetics at home (or on the road) to reduce the overall waste on this planet, and also to be the healthier you!



Well, nowadays, traveling is kind of trendy. Also, there’s a new, very popular trend that people quit their job and go to travel. I don’t know what to think about all of this, but my case is that I didn’t even have to quit any job as I went straight out there. I’ve always been curious about other cultures, languages, and got bored very easily. I always needed to do, to see and to feel something new. Otherwise, I got bored, anxious or depressed. This is why I knew I would find myself in this particular lifestyle. And I did. I skipped all of these smart things people do (study a degree, work, work, chase money), and went directly into it. I believe you should do what you love, no matter what. And to me, this was what I loved (and still is!)… Maybe I ‘ll regret it later, but I like to get spontaneous. For now, I’m going to share my stories and experiences with you, while discovering the foreign places. Have fun reading my blog!

…. Also, as a little kid, I used to picture myself living on a safari in Africa. I wanted to have a little beach hut under a huge palm, with a big slide going from the window of my hut straight into the sea. A little addition, a black man as a husband with the mulatto kids haha! Now you see. I can’t help it. I was born to be weird and exotic cultures friendly.


I am a girl from Slovakia. A generally cold country with hot summers. Since a little girl, every summer we used to go for a holiday to Croatia with family. Of course, every time somewhere different, so we never got bored of it.  Our holidays were always just road trips from Slovakia to Croatia, and then camping next to the sea. Most of the nights, there were summer thunderstorms when we needed to hold our tent for the whole night, so it wouldn’t get blown away. Sometimes, we even needed to hide in the car because it was too dangerous to stay outside. I was scared to death, but I was still enjoying it. When there wasn’t a storm, my sister and I, we used to sleep under the stars in a hammock, waking up with the cicadas. We used to eat the fresh Croatian fruits, jams, fish and then spent the whole day in the sea. Yea, IN the sea. No next to it, sunbathing haha (I couldn’t stand that). I used to spend hours and hours in the sea without going out till my skin didn’t turn into a skin of a frog. Also, we liked to go sailing on the boat, and that was another big adventure for me. You could never predict the weather in Croatia. I have memories of only my brother and me, standing on the bow of the sailboat in a huge storm. The waves were splashing into our faces, so everybody was inside the boat. Only the two of us were enjoying the “danger”, the swinging on the waves, and getting all wet.

These holidays were always my favorite parts of the year. And still are the best memories of my childhood. By this, I want to say, that I guess that I was educated to live life as one big adventure. I learned to love the time being uncomfortable already as a little kid, and now it looks like, it’s stuck with me forever.


Now, that I’m older, I travel solo. I still love the most, the tropical beachy destinations, and mountains, where I can do yoga, dance with my hula hoop, have a beer, meet the locals and another fellow travelers. I have fun learning new words in their language, going hiking, diving, party at night or do whatever that’s fun in that destination. I always lose my shoes somewhere around. So, if you see a barefoot girl with a long and curly hair, you have a good chance that it might be me!